A 30-year gap Relationship ended up on Marriage!

Some say that "Love is unconditional". Some say that it is "Blind". But what if the one that is meant to you is 30 years older than you?

The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard but must be felt with the heart. 

Twenty-five pairs of couples got married last Valentine's day with the help of Pag-IBIG Funds (The Home Development Mutual Fund).

One of them is the 30-year gap couples, Mr. Jun and Grace Viola. Jun and Grace are longterm live-in partners. They have always been wanted to get married but they are waiting for the right time because they wanted a church wedding and don't have enough budget for that. Being in a live-in type of situation is a little challenging for these couples. Also, having three children is a little hard for their budget. 

Luckily, Pag-IBIG Funds (The Home Development Mutual Fund) is offering free mass wedding for 100 lucky couples who are Pag-Ibig Fund active or potential members. 

Truly, Age doesn't matter as long as you love each other. These couples show that it is not late for everyone to find their true love. You have to wait and be patient because the one for you must be getting ready for the life that he/she wanted for you.

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