This woman's heroic act sent her to prison

This woman's heroic act sent her to prison

Carola Rackete was sailing through the Mediterranean Sea, she saw one of the most heartbreaking scenes of her life. Most of the people would turn around, but she couldn't ignore what she witnessed. On July 12th, this German captain was sailing near the Libyan coast. It was a routine trip for her organization 'sea watch'.

Sea-watch organization is the one who searches and protects the immigrants and refugees from countries distressed by war. Her crew noticed unusual on the waves, as they got closer, they found 40 people floating in the ocean. They were trying to escape using only a plastic raft, but it had been destroyed and they were left adrift.

Carola and her crew helped the people get on her ship, and she decided to take them to a safe place where they can rest and be assured of their safety. But they were still on the Libyan territory so, the authorities demanded her to return to the port. Carola knew she couldn't do that because the refugees are escaping because of the war and she knew that if they return them they would suffer a lot. Without dithering Carola sailed her ship away the are of the Libyan territory and sailed to the nearest Italian port and seek for the refugee's safety. Carola traveled for 14 days with her crew and the refugees that she saved. Carola thought that they would be safe there. But when they arrived her docked request is denied, because the dock doesn't offer help to the refugees since 2018. 

The dock personnel asked her to wait and Carola didn't hesitate to do it. They waited for 3 days until she had enough. She decided to take ask and arrived at the harbor to take the refugees to their safety. She knew that docking without authorization would get her arrested but she didn't think twice and did it so. After she docked her ship to the port she was arrested immediately. But the refugees were taken by the 5 European countries. 

Activists all over the world seek her release. Almost 1 million euros were raised for her defense, finally, she was released on July 2nd. She was released under this statement; The rescue of those who are in need is not a crime, it is a humanitarian act, she put the lives of the ones in need above her own life. Carola became a symbol of courageousness and human rights, she faced everything with strength and dignity knowing she was doing the right thing.

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