Raffy Tulfo In Action :Two students harassed by their teacher

Two Students Harassed by Their Own Teacher
Image source: Raffy Tulfo in Action

When were a student we often refer our teacher as our second parent. They are the one who encourages us to perform well in class. Our teacher molds us to become whatever we wanted to be second to our parents, they trained us to become what we are right now. As a student, we have our own favorite teacher or professor and some of the times we happen to call them "tatay" (dad). 

We are building a connection with them as they build a connection with us. Our teacher is one of our closest people inside the school. That's why this quotation "My Teacher, My Hero" is made. But what are we going to do when this so-called hero is the one who shatters our dreams. What should you do about it?

These two students are harassed by their teacher. The students seek for help as they went to idol Raffy Tulfo in Raffy Tulfo in Action. Even idol Raffy Tulfo is shocked when the mother of one of the victim narrates the story of harassment. The so-called teacher sucks the genital of one of the student and the other student's genital is played by the so-called teacher.

For more information watch the video below :

Source: Raffy Tulfo In Action

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