Pabayang Tatay na Adik sa DOTA, Sasampahan na ng Kaso ni Idol Raffy Tulfo

In one of the latest episodes of "Raffy Tulfo in Action", a mother named Madel Togonon complained about her situation where her boyfriend the father of her child abandoned them while their daughter is fighting for her life.

Togonon's situation was first seen on her Facebook account, she posted how her daughter passed away without the support of her father, many of netizens got furious and tagged "Raffy Tulfo in Action".

According to her, Nico, the name of her boyfriend was an irresponsible father, he didn't give any support for their child and always go to the computer shop to play Dota, it is an online computer game where many young boys had been addicted, he also priorities his drunk buddy than his own family. 

She also said that when she begging to Nico to go to the hospital where their daughter admits, to come over because they need him, he just said that he doesn't have enough money to go. So Togonon asked his Nico's boss to work to lend him some money, his boss responds and gave him more than he needed but instead to give the money to her girlfriend that help their finances he wasted the money on something else. 

One of their situations also, when Togonon was gone away for a moment and Nico was the one who's looking out in the hospital, Togonon's friend visit for their daughter, they don't just visit they give Nico also some money to help their financial need but then again he used the money to have the opportunity to go home and leave his daughter alone at the hospital.

While Tulfo, the host of the show, interviewing Nico he just said that Togonan was a liar, according to him, he always supports his daughter and the reason why he can't go to his daughter's funeral because Togonon's brother was threatening him.

While the video that is spreading, he is playing Dota and having fun is been so long. He also said that he also has some evidence that can prove his innocence. He refused to go to the station of "Raffy Tulfo in Action", he just wants to go to court with Togonon.

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