Owner of KNPP Clothing Asked Why He's Being Bashed by Netizens But Supporting Other Big Companies!

Arlene Altura or popularly known as “Leng” is one of the most popular female personalities on social media. Leng is known for her dance cover videos on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and other social media platforms. 

Her recent photo has been controversial because she agreed to become one of the endorsers of clothing line with “KainPepe” owned by Boss Toyo.

Boss toyo has spoken about her clothing brand. He compared himself to the editor-in-chief of Playboy Magazine, Hugh Marston Hefner. He also asked, why his clothing brand "Kaenpepe" is being bashed by the netizens but supporting the Playboy Magazine. 
Boss toyo is blaming the netizens for being immature by not accepting his clothing brand. 

KPP is condemned by the Gabriela Women's Party saying "Women are not objects of pleasure and satisfaction. This shameless advertising and display of merchandise that degrade, objectify and hyper sexualize young girls contributes to gender stereotypes that trivialize violence against women and children". They also want kainpepe to correct the damaging error they made.

Watch the video below:

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