James is selling the house where he and Nadine Lived!

We all know that James Reid and Nadine Lustre lived together in James’s house in an exclusive subdivision in Quezon City. But just recently, the former couple announces that they called it quits after almost four years being in an intimate relationship. It was unfolded before the eyes of the public when they confirmed this through a joint statement.

That fact added pain to the heartbreak of JaDine fans who have been expecting that their relationship will end up to a wedding. However, that anticipation was broken down when they revealed that they decided to take separate ways.

After they Broke up confirmation surfaced, entertainment columnist Lolit Solis stated in her article in Bandera that there is something about the house of James Reid. It was said that the source revealed that the actor is already selling his house in Quezon City where he and Nadine lived together.

Also, the columnist said that James already moved to another house. With this, the thought that the actor might want to forget some memories he shared with his ex-girlfriend surfaced.

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