First coronavirus patient in East China's Zhejiang Province is cured!

A patient on Zhejiang Province in China had recovered from CoronaVirus

A 46-year-old man has become the first patient in east China's Zhejiang Province to recover from the coronavirus. A man naming Yang, left the hospital last Friday after his undergoing treatment on coronavirus. Yang is living in Wuhan for a long time. Yang is lucky because he is cured.

He developed symptoms like fever and headache after leaving in Wuhan on January 3. After his treatment, Yang actually recovered. Though, He must visit the hospital regularly for a regular check-up. He also said that the Medic provided him a regular Round-The-Clock-Care and he was able to be cured because of their proper treatment. The brother of the victim said that "We reported our situation at an initial stage so that my brother got treated in time."

Watch the video below:

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