Ericka Vellongco's Post on her IG Story between her ex James Reid and Nadine Lustre's Breakup

James Reid and Nadine Lustre just made a huge announcement last night on Tonight With Boy Abunda.
The famous love-team confirmed that they have ended their long-time relationship.
Their announcement has been making rounds online and also elicited various reactions from netizens especially their avid fans.
The most surprising reaction is from Ericka Villongco, Ex-Girlfriend of James Reid

As seen in the photo above, Ericka's Day on Instagram saying " Karma is a b*tch ". She also said that God spared her because of the Jadine Breakup.

But it took only minutes for her to realize that she is being careless and being immature in her story, and she decided to delete it. She said that her Story is not a good joke and immediately apologize because of her impulsive arise. She also said that James and Nadine's breakup is not her business at all.

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