Video: Chinese Woman hurting a Filipino Delivery Guy!

A Chinese woman ( Wearing a White Jacket) is hurting a Filipino delivery guy ( Wearing a Green Jacket) because the Delivery guy wanted a valid ID of the Chinese woman. But the Chinese woman refuses to give a valid ID and started a commotion. She started to get angry and say some mandarin words to the Delivery guy.

Thankfully a fellow Filipino rescued the delivery guy and tell to the Chinese woman that "You have to respect us. You have to follow our rules. This is our country". But the reply of the Chinese woman surprised them she said that " No country". Does that mean that some Chinese consider the Philippines as their Province and not even a Country?

We all know that the Chinese are welcome to our country as the Government said. But does this consider that our country is their province where they can hide from their deadly virus? 

Not being stereotyped but Chinese men should pay respect to the Filipinos because Filipino people accepted them in their country removing the fact that the Chinese may bring more Deadly virus inside the Philippines.

Watch The Video Below: 

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