A Guy's POV for being a fan of Leng

A Guy's Point Of View For Being a Fanatic

For some guys, they must be thinking now " Ganito rin kayo saamin pero pag dating saamin wala kaming laban kapag nag s'share at todo react kayo sa BTS ninyo. Kayo pa ang mas malala e, Boyfriend nyo kami tapos pag dating sa mga Oppa ninyo asawa niyo na sila."

Photo credit to Jessie Marciano

This man from Facebook rants about being supportive of his Girlfriend thru him for being a fan of Leng ( A Social Media Influencer). It says at the photo above that it is not illogical for being a fan of a social media influencer. Also, instead of his girlfriend becoming irritated at him being a fan of Leng, his Girlfriend is supporting him wholeheartedly. The guy also said that it is being immature to be jealous of someone that you'll never meet at all.

 On the other hand, as the photo below shows a rant supporting all the Girlfriends around social media that is being jealous of Leng. For the reason that their Boyfriends are kept on sharing and reacting to the videos and sexy photos of Leng. As the photo below Jessie Marciano vociferating that we should not call a person stereotype for being jealous to a social media influencer. Jessie also lists down 3 reasons why the girlfriends out there is being jealous because of Leng.

1. The social media interaction with the influencers are more rather than the social media interaction with your girlfriends

2. Your Girlfriend's self-esteem is lower than it should be or they have a mental issue.

3. Your timeline is full of social media influencers' sexy video.

Photo credit to Jessie Marciano

The two photos start a conflict about the relationship that Leng ( Social Media Influencer) is knocking down ( As they say). On the other hand, Leng is still quiet about the issue she's into.  As for the single's out there, they are just keeping it cool in the comment section.

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