5 Weird Unsual Things Found Under The Ocean

1. An Ancient Computer

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That's right, long before Microsoft or Apple there was apparently this wonder - the Antikythera mechanism. Discovered sometime between 1900-1901 on the Antikythera shipwreck off the Greek island of the same name, it is believed to the earliest form of a computer. 

The Antikythera is an analog computer, that was designed to serve several purposes, including predicting the astronomical positions and eclipses on the calendar. As so much of this period of history's technology has been lost, such advanced use of technology did not reappear in European historical artifacts until the 14th Century. It is now on display at the National Archaeological Museum of Athens.

2. Apollo Moon Rocket Engines

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During the late 1960s and early 1970s multiple Apollo rockets were sent to orbit the Earth and moon, and their engines that powered each of the boosters' first stages dropped to the ocean floor, believed to be lost forever. 

But thanks to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and his privately funded project, they have now been recovered. Discovered in 2012, the parts have undergone a two-year renovation process and are now on display at Seattle's (Oregon, United States) The Museum of Flight. It is not exactly known why Bezos would want to invest millions of his own dollars into funding the project, but some press has speculated he did it simply "because he could."

3. The Ancient City of Alexandria

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Alexandria is a port city located on the Mediterranean Sea in northern Egypt founded in 331 BCE by Alexander the Great. It is most famous in antiquity as the site of the Pharos, the great lighthouse, considered one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, for the Temple of Serapis, the Serapion, which was part of the legendary library at Alexandria, as a seat of learning and, once, the largest and most prosperous city in the world. 

It also became infamous for the religious strife which resulted in the martyrdom of the philosopher Hypatia of Alexandria in 415 CE. The city grew from a small port town to become the grandest and most important metropolis in ancient Egypt.

4. An Alien Saucer?

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In 2011, Ocean X (a self-funded treasure hunter team) discovered the Baltic Sea anomaly. Found on the floor of the northern Baltic Sea, it is an unusually shaped rock structure that many have claimed resembles an alien saucer. 

Other theories have been that it is the remains of a World War II anti-submarine device and even an underwater Nazi base. 

However, several scientists have claimed that despite its weird appearance, it is likely just an unusual rock formation that good old mother nature created and very unlikely to be man or alien made.

5. Lake Michigan Stonehenge

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OK so this wasn't found in the sea - rather a lake - but it's definitely weird. In 2007 a series of stones arranged in the shape of a circle was discovered about 40 feet below the surface of Lake Michigan. Why they're there, how old they are and what they mean are all yet undetermined, but pictures reveal they aren't that different from other strange stone arrangements found throughout the world - particularly in comparison to Stone Henge, England.

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