Pregnant Mom Confused When Dog Won’t Stop Barking, Soon Realizes He’s Trying To Save Her!

Dogs are one of the best creations of God. There is nothing like the loyalty and companionship that a dog offers. They are absolutely adorable in their ways and once they have accepted you as their own, special human, rest assured, they will be with you, behind you, like a shadow. They love to follow you around wherever you go and no matter what they are always there for you. They are fiercely loyal creatures and always makes sure that you stay safe and protected no matter what. Dogs have a certain sense that helps them to sense when a person is in danger. Their instincts are a big part of why they are used as service dogs to disabled people. Often, a dog’s uncanny ability to detect something wrong has saved the lives of several people. Here is one such incident. Dogs have the amazing capability to sense when something is wrong with a person even if it is happening inside a person’s body. This ability managed to save a pregnant woman from danger.

The dog in the story, Keola is a breed known as the American Akita. She lives with her owners, Ricky and Alhanna Butler in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. The three were very close and it was such a pleasant news to find out that Alhanna was pregnant. Indeed, Keola sensed that something different was happening to Alhanna as she saw her belly gradually growing. While Keola was happy, she was also quite disturbed. She was shaken by the feeling that something as wrong. Alhanna began to notice certain changes in Keola’s behavior and she just could not understand what was happening.

As Alhanna progressed with her pregnancy, the expecting mother started noticing sharp pains in her lower back. Alhanna spoke of the same when she went to the doctor for her routine checkup. The doctor assured her that nothing was wrong and that it was normal for pregnant women to experience such backaches. Alhanna had no reason to doubt the doctor’s diagnosis and went back home not thinking more about the pain. Somehow Keola seemed to think that there was something more. The truth was that the dog could smell that something was not right with her owner’s body. She kept staring at Alhanna and her behavior began to really scare Alhanna. She decided to share a post on social media about her dog’s weird behavior. That’s when her friends warned her to take Keola seriously and that perhaps it was better to get a second opinion on her health.

Alhanna noticed that the dog was becoming more edgy and nosey as the days passed. It was almost as if Keola was trying to tell them something. Alhanna finally decided to take her dog seriously and went to the hospital. She was immediately rushed to the intensive care unit of the hospital. As it turned out, Keola was right. Alhanna was suffering from a kidney infection that could have cost her life. Luckily, Keola’s timely invention saved both Alhanna and her baby!

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