Here's the Journey of a Woman who Plans Her Wedding in Just 6 Days After Being Diagnosed with Cancer!

Most people, when asked what they want out of life, mention they want to be happy. Either trailing behind wealth, fame, and love or topping the list, happiness is an essential ingredient without which no one’s potion of life can be made complete. But although a universal goal, there are not many who know how to find it.

Many people still believe that happiness needs to be given or gifted by someone. They believe that happiness is a mere by-product of something, a state of life, or someone. What they don’t know if happiness is just what we need to get to ourselves. No matter how bleak the circumstances may be, we are as happy as we let ourselves be. Our Lord teaches us to be content with life. So even He knew how important happiness is to humankind.

Larissa Podermanski had it all at one point in time. A young, energetic woman, she must have been the envy of many women when she was proposed to at a Mariah Carey concert! Engaged in 2015 and raring to start her own non-profit organization, things took a very dark turn for the worse when Larissa felt a lump in her breast. Upon getting it checked, the biopsy revealed that it was a malignant tumor; she had stage 2 cancer. As a preventive measure, Larissa underwent a double mastectomy apart to improve her chances of beating the fatal disease. She was highly optimistic about her future and had hoped that her boldness and the necessary move had helped her beat the disease.

About a couple of weeks after she underwent the procedure, Larissa suffered intense pain in her chest region. She re-visited the doctors as by then she had severe pain in her chest as well as back regions. Doctors ordered then got a CT scan for her and Larissa received a painful shock. It was revealed that she was, in fact, suffering from stage 4 metastatic breast cancer, a non-curable version of the disease. All Larissa could do was try and find a way to accept the news and prepare herself for the painful consequences.

Larissa was very keen on marrying the man who loved her, and whom she loved right back. But while she was busy making preparations for her wedding, she suffered more trials. While she was at a mall, she suffered excruciating pain in her liver region and she almost collapsed. No matter what Larissa did, the cancer was there wreak havoc in her life and plans; it was always an uninvited and hateful guest to her party of life. Sadly, Larissa couldn’t do anything more to avoid it and thinking about it.

It was at this stage that Larissa realized that every single second that she spent alive and breathing was extremely precious. She did not want to waste even a nanosecond of her life. As a result, supported by the love of her fiancé and all the well-wishers around them, she was able to get married in just 6 days on the beach in Old Lyme, Connecticut. Larissa talks about the entire experience and says, “Everything that unfolded in those 6 days was a blessing and I was so grateful. Even if you’re not dealing with metastatic breast cancer, remind yourself of how precious life is, since nothing in life is guaranteed. My life events provided me with a big reality check and the most important part of getting married was to have a special day with my soon-to-be-husband.”

With her sense of positivity, Larissa was able to inspire several of her friends to help her and her fiance make the most of the time she has left. They were with her throughout the way to plan her wedding and see it until the end. As anyone who believes in the sanctity of marriage knows – it’s not just the ceremony or the act itself that is so important. It’s the little things associated with a wedding that really make a difference to the much-in-love couple.

Larissa talks about how her friends and a supportive community helped her achieve her dream in a lovely fashion. Urged by her condition, the supportive community that they live in decided to pitch in in a big way and help them with their wedding costs. Thanks to their generosity, the couple were able to have a wonderful wedding ceremony that they otherwise could not have afforded. Everyone who knew the couple did their best to help them in their predicament and made a huge difference to this young couple’s plans. Larissa did not have to look too far for help and love, though. There were plenty of people right around her who helped her in a big way.

One of her high school friend’s mother is a florist. The lady donated all the bouquets that were used for the wedding. The photographer captured all the precious moments for free. And that’s not all; there were more kind, helpful souls. Larissa’s hairdresser, who herself is a breast cancer survivor, donated her time to do Larissa’s hair and makeup. She was also there for the bridesmaids if they needed any of her expert assistance. Larissa’s uncle and son performed the role of the DJ for the event.

Larissa says that her health conditions put ‘everything in perspective’. She was determined to focus on her main goal – walking down the aisle and making the most of her magical day. She also talks about how simplicity can sometimes be better than the ostentatious. She had already chosen a dress for the wedding. Being a simple one, it was easily altered to accommodate the double mastectomy scars that she had, and which were healing quite well. All Larissa had to do was pick a color and her bridesmaids were happy to pick a dress of their choice and style in it.

Larissa is extremely grateful that one of her fondest dreams came true, and to all the people who made it happen. She however still continues her health battles; she “physically struggles with an achy body, liver pain, constant fatigue, numbness in my hand and feet, and the constant anxiety of how long my future might be.”

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