Guy Breaks Down After Finding Out that His Crush Got Pregnant

How hard is it to be a broken-hearted? Well, it all depends on how deep your relationship went with your ex. But what if you didn't have any relationship created with that person you really like and you still get a real heartbreak? That's another kind long distance relationship, cause you really are far from having your crush.

Just like what happened to this guy who had a crush on a beautiful girl but ended up breaking his heart after finding out that his crush got pregnant by some guy whom he didn't know about. This might be funny but there are instances that most of had been through this guy's situation. As he dramatically lies on the floor, this fallen soldier's comrades kept reviving him, telling him to be strong.

This bad news came from one of his friends, the reason why he had a breakdown. Another one scolded the one who gave this heartbreaking news as it wasn't funny at all if our heart gets torn into pieces even though there's no commitment established between the two. Watch how this video goes and see how his friends comforted him while he's acting like a child throwing his tantrums on the street.

Source: Showbiz Read

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