Creepy Videos of the 'Blank Room Soup' Leaked

Recently, one particular video has come viral on social media with a very intriguing story, the 'Blank Room Soup'. The video was first uploaded in 2008, and predictably, it was speculated that it is an art project, a joke, or an experiment. However, in nearly nine years, no one has fessed up, leading the online community to believe that there is a far more sinister truth behind the story of this footage.

A couple of ideas thrown around which includes that the meat in the soup is actually human remains which the man is being forced to eat. Another reckons that he himself knows he is next, and that’s why he is crying. One YouTuber, who runs YouTube channel ReignBot, did a bit of digging to find out more about what’s really going on in the video. And although she didn’t quite get to the bottom of it, she definitely opened up an entirely new angle on the video.

Here's the thing the creators of the Rayray show have publicly announced that before blank room soup was uploaded, they said that they had some costumes and stated that they would never do anything like this. But if they really did start these rumors, I think they would eventually own up to it and based on the official show, this doesn't seem likely to anyone.

I’m sure there is a good reason why the guy who's eating the soup doesn't fight back. Those Rayray costume guys probably have the place locked down, or there is a third man with a weapon, But Either way that's still kind of creepy.


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