what is a true love ? love your mom while you can

Brands attempting to make an emotional connection with consumers is nothing new, by creating messages for their consumer: authentic messages that support positivity and empowerment and speak to meaningful issues that motivate consumers, regardless of demographic background, to share and champion.

On social media, users share ads about homelessness and poverty and death. They are sad, but they’re also uplifting. Mostly, they’re shareable, which means more people watch them, which means more people buy the product they’re selling.

Thailand is of the most known for making emotional commercial, heavy, emotional storylines to sell everyday products are a niche genre of entertainment coined “sad-vertising”. The commercials are so popular that people have even posted videos of themselves trying to hold back tears while watching the content. Just like this commercial about mother and her son.

Being a mother is a gift that is unimaginable to any woman who does not have a child in their life. Every mom is different - with unique strengths, trials, and challenges. But one thing is in common: It's not easy being a mom.

This commercial of The Real Life Company had been gone viral because of a tearjerking scene of a mother and her son. The simple plotline is one of the examples of how our mother sacrifice and hardworking for our future.

The son narrating how her mother doesn't love him, never had time for him, where he never had a birthday cake for his birthday like other children, never listened to him and when he can't get a computer he wishes because her use to borrow a computer from his classmate in school, he left his mother alone and didn't know what happens to her next.

He mother died because of a heart disease and he found out that her mother saves money for his future and also for his computer. Then he realizes that he only cares for himself he didn't realize that her mother loves her so much.

Source: Youtube

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