Incredible Twist of Faith Happened 4 Days After This Couple Lost Their Newborn Son

Everyone has dreamt about having a family in the future, a strong and healthy one. There are a lot of struggles when it comes to couples wanting to have even just one child, ended up failing each and every time they try.

It is really a blessing for this two young couple when they decided to tie the knot after two years of living in together. Both Katie and Josh Butler came from a family-oriented background that the couple didn't take long to decide that they were expanding their family.

The excitement from them is unexplainable as they took the next step of having a family. In September 2014, Katie got pregnant, a perfect time to have a baby since she was a teacher so that she could spend the summer at home with her baby. The couple was excited beyond measure to welcome life into the world and it was a baby boy, and his name would be Dewey.

However, at their 20-week check-up, doctors discovered something during the ultrasound that would change the course of the couple’s plans. The ultrasound discovered a problem that could affect Dewey’s development and Katie went on a series of ultrasound to monitor Dewey’s progress.

Katie explains, “In January 2015, we went in, and they told us their conditions.”

“They said that (ultrasound) machines could only do so much and that we might just have a small baby. But as Dewey grew, things looked bad,” Katie recalls.

At 39 weeks along, on May 15, 2015, Dewey’s heart rate kept dropping, so doctors performed a C-section. When they pulled him out, the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck several times.

“They said the cord looked like it was only at 20 weeks’ gestation,” Katie says. “It was not a healthy umbilical cord.”

Katie got to hold her son before Dewey was immediately taken to the NICU. Just like the ultrasound revealed, Dewey has club feet, and also a webbed neck, but his problems dig deeper than what the doctor suspected.

“For the first two weeks,” Katie says, “all he was diagnosed with was diabetes. But then they discovered that chromosomes 6 and 10 had broken off and flip-flopped, but it didn’t happen equally. Basically, he was missing some genetic information and some were duplicated.”

The newborn baby stayed in NICU for 132 days during which doctors tried to work out what was going on with him. The precious boy died during a routine operation where doctors tried to fit him with a feeding tube.

The Butler’s were beyond heartbroken with the loss of their son as they always dreamed of having children. But a nurse who they became close to, gave them a lifeline in their grief.

But God has another plan for the couple. an incredible twist of faith, the unthinkable happened at a time during which the Butlers through their darkest moment.

Katie says, “While we were in the hospital, you get to be good friends with everyone. Since we were discouraged from having any more natural kids (because Dewey’s condition was genetic), we were talking to different nurses about adoption.  In November, it was a Wednesday, I really poured out my heart to God, crying, that I needed another baby. We had so much love and poured it into Dewey and now he was in heaven … I needed more kids to love.”

The next day, Katie got a phone call from one of the nurses. Her phone call surprised the couple and recalled the Butler’s had expressed interest in fostering. She knew of a little baby boy on the 5th floor named Brax who needed love.

“She told me that it might be too soon for us – it wasn’t even two months since Dewey’s death – but there was a baby that was ready to be discharged from the hospital. She didn’t know the details but she knew that he needed a family,” Katie says.

Brax was 11-months-old; he was born on Dec. 1, 2014, and hadn’t left the hospital since his birth. His lungs were very sick, and all his other complications stemmed from that.

Doctors believed that Brax’s condition would improve as he got older. Sadly, his parents abandoned him since they weren’t able to care for him.

Katie explains, “Like Dewey, Brax was on a ventilator and had a trach, and when doctors told us, we were like, ‘We got this.’ With Dewey, there was no chance of his lungs getting better, but with Braxtel, he could get better. It was an optimistic situation.”

Surely, Dewey will be missed forever, he is free from pain and happy in the caring hands of God. His death is painful to them but it gave way for another child that needed their love.

Source: Wereblog

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