Deaf Baby Hears Mom Say “I Love You” For The First Time

What is a miracle? If you think about it, miracles are everywhere – the sun rising, our eyes opening each morning, every breath we take, each minute – it is all a miracle when you see it through eyes of faith. Jesus did not come to teach us to perform miracles in the sense of supernatural happenings but to understand and experience the miracle of each step that we take.

When Charly cried, her parents were astounded. Yes, she had just received hearing aids to help her with her hearing defect. However, Charly’s parents were completely unprepared to see her reaction to her mother telling her she loved her. Upon finding out that their daughter was born deaf, Charly’s parents prayed that she would be given the gift of hearing – and that is what happened – the hearing aids let the little child know that she was loved, and she clearly understood what her mommy was telling her. She responded through the tiny drops of tears that she could not hold back.

For her parents, this was as good as any miracle, the very miracle that they were praying for. “This was more incredible than I can put into words!” Charly’s mother, Christy said. Charly has an ear surgery scheduled for next year, and the hearing aids are going to continue letting her know how much she is loved. Watch the video to see Charly’s incredible, heart-melting reaction to her mother telling her she loves her.

Source: Big Share TV

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