Video: Story of Jaypee Rodriguez who Gave it All But Still Got Cheated On By His Partner!

The first question that comes to mind when a spouse cheats is: Why? Why would you do that if everything was provided to you and your child even though that man has nothing to offer but himself as a whole?

Here is the story of Jaypee Rodriguez, live-in partner of Eunice Alicbusan for almost 6 years with their daughter. All he wanted is to provide everything for his family, but it all changed when their relationship hits a problem that is pretty common nowadays, Cheating.

The conversation between Jaypee and Eunice went viral on social media and touched the netizens by heart after witnessing how a man who's willing to give all he has to his cheating partner and asked to rebuild their family even though there is a big hole in it.

Later on, he found the man who broke his family into pieces and created an album of screenshots of their conversation.

Eunice tried to defend herself from being bashed on social media, but it is a no go for the people who sympathized Jaypee.

Now, Eunice and his man's photos have 80 thousand shares on Facebook and still getting more and more as time passes.

Jaypee now tries to recover from the pain that he felt and wanted to have the custody for their daughter.

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