This Group Were Bashed By Netizens After Making Fun of the Guy Comforting His Girlfriend!

If your partner is upset, for whatever reason, it's always a good idea to be comforting. But what's the best way to comfort your partner when they're upset?

Whether they're upset about a fight they had with their family, their friends, their boss or you, or they're worried about some bad news, or they're just having a terrible day in general, if you can tell your partner is ruffled, the time to help is now. But it can be difficult to lend a friendly ear, especially if the source of discomfort is you.

Yet a viral video on Facebook baffled netizens after a couple was filmed by these two people who made fun of them while the guy is comforting his girlfriend. The guy singing inside the convenience store named Raphael posted a video to think that it will go viral on Facebook. But didn't realize how bad it will affect the people that are involved in the scene.

Raphael immediately took down the controversial video to stop the hate that he's been getting from people who have watched the clip. But netizens were fast as they already had a copy to reupload it on their Facebook page.

Now, the viral video is out on a Facebook page named, Kulitan sa Planet Opdi Eyps and has gathered million of views from the day it was posted.

Raphael made a public apology on his official Facebook account to break the whole issue. But Netizens were still furious on the behavior that he acted, telling him that he deserved to be judged after making fun of the couple who's only intention is to be a shoulder to cry on for each other. 

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