Son Pranks Mom that He's Working with Mafia and Her Reaction is Heartbreaking!

A good prank makes light of positive (or non-negative) traits of the subject. If someone has a love of cats or is an avid reader, then finding pranks that take that trait and "turn it up to 11" reinforces your appreciation of the prank "victim" and tells them that you have noticed elements that make them unique.

Another viral video went viral after this guy pretended to be working with the Mafia on doing some illegal negotiations. His victim is no other than his mother, to know how she will react if this kind of situation occurs.

He got everything prepared before his mom arrived from the grocery store. When the mother entered his room, she was shocked after she saw a bunch of money lying on his table together with packets of fake illegal drugs (Sugar).

His mother started ranting on what's going to happen after taking the side of the bad guys. Watch the full video of her heartbreaking reaction.

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