12 Female Manners Which Drive All Men Crazy!

Men are from Mars and woman are from Venus means that there is a lot of difference between their needs, desires, and behaviors. Therefore, couples must acknowledge and accept these differences before they can develop happier relationships. When a man falls in love then there are many small female manners that will bring a smile, not only to his face but also to his heart.

It’s not easy to keep a guy’s attention. You never know what they’re looking for or what may be interesting to them, because men are very simple and have many complex qualities, it’s the female manners that make him stop in his tracks and think, “Wow. She is an incredible person!”

Well, here’s 12 female manners which men love the most because it’s the small things that count.

1. He loves you cuddling to him

A man loves being close to the woman in his life, it makes him feel connected physically and emotionally. Show that you care about him by laying on his chest or resting your head on his shoulder. This makes him feel secure as much as you do.

2. He loves the way you smile after he kisses you.

When you smile after he kisses you gives a euphoric feeling to him, that he’s kissing the right person and she enjoys his kissing. They just love this reaction from a girl.

3. He loves when he catches you looking at him

Men crave the feeling of being wanted. When you are far apart from each other on a train or at a party, and if he catches you giving him that affection look, then that makes him feel wanted and loved and there’s no better feeling than this for him.

4. He loves when you mirror his movements

Mirroring his movements can increase his feelings of attraction for you.For example, if he touches his hair, wait a few moments and then casually touch your hair. Be subtle about this or it may become very obvious and look strange.

5. He loves it when you are honest

Multiple studies have found that men prefer honest women, particularly for long-term relationships. One of the most appreciated female manners.

6. He loves you laughing at their jokes

One of the most wanted female manners men loves the most when women laugh at their jokes. Anything to stroke their egos, right?

7. He loves you playing with his hair

Men love to feel that affection when you run your fingers through his hair gently and play with it, while he’s driving or watching a movie together.

8. He loves when you miss him

Whenever he is away from you at the office or with his friends, at intervals call him or text him and express that how much you’re missing him. This manner of yours will make him appreciate you.

9. He loves when you get physical with him.

Not $3xually but giving him random hugs, random kisses on his cheek, random hand on his knee while you’re sitting next to him, or the arm around him while you’re walking or tickling him. These female manners are more intimate than $3x and make him go insane for you.

10.Compliment him.

Always try and compliment your boyfriend it makes him feel appreciated and loved. This will show him that you accept him as he is and that you like the things that he says and does whether big or small.

11. He loves going to you for advice.

When you really respect him and value his opinion and seek their advice, since you want their input and perspective. about your latest projects or tasks at home. They take this a great sign and feels superior about it.

12. He loves when you respect his personal space

Encourage him to have a guys night, while you have your girlfriends come over. Sometimes he likes to be left alone for whatever reason, respect that moment of his and let him be alone. He just loves this female manner.

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