"Baby Sorry, This Will Only Take 3 Hours"

Cheating in a relationship is increasingly common, with one in five adults saying they’ve had an affair. But what is it that makes a person take the leap – to go from being tempted to being an adulterer? 

Many considered cheating to be sinful, dreadful and unacceptable, but still, people commit things like this even though they knew that it could cost them big time.

Here's an example of a girl who cheated on her boyfriend after having a small fight. Instead of talking about how things went wrong and fix it, she decided to get on her knees with another guy. While doing it, this guy enjoyed the event so much that he even took a small clip of a video on how the one who's being cheated on kept worrying about his girl, little did he know that there are things happening from the other side.

What it feels like to be cheated on? After someone cheats on you, your self-esteem dwindles and you're going to want to feel like "you still have it." But there is nothing more dangerous than someone emotionally unavailable being physically available. 

Trying to find someone to rub in your cheater's face won't do anything except show how childish you're treating the situation, as well as damaging your ability to let go. It's important to surround yourself with friends who will nurse you back into dating health instead of trying to find a rebound who will make you feel even more empty than you were before. It's like fighting fire with fire, and you will always lose the battle. 

The most depressing part of this all? There is almost no chance that the person who cheated on you will even care. At all. So let yourself heal before you create new wounds. 

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